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Living in an era of continuous technological improvements it is essential that we stay with, or ahead, of the game.

Over the last year Perry Online has been re-structured and modified to be ready for the new system when it is ready for introduction.

The new system and services that we will hope to provide soon include:

  • Barcoding

PDA's for Live Updates!All the boxes will be barcoded!

  • Automated order creation from customers websites

Yuor customer orders from your website... Next! Automatic order created!

  • We also plan to have our system link with the couriers for automatic courier ordering

Order is placed automatically ordering courier! Next!Courier collects the goods!

There will be many more improvements to the service, if you want know more feel free to contact us at any time.



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Storage - Pallet Storage - Warehousing - Palletised Warehousing - Handling - Pallet Handling - Devanning - Unloading - Forklifts
Pump Trucks - Haulage - Lorries - Articulated Lorry - Van - Transit Van - Sprinter Van - Boxes - Distribution - Courier - Pallet Stripping
Trucks - Container Handling - Container Storage - Cherry Picker Forklift - Short Term Storage -Fulfilment - Logistics - Palletisation
Pick Pack Send - Receiving Goods - Transport - Packing - Shrink wrapping - Customs - Bonded Warehousing - Archiving - Store Goods




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